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BAGGY INDUSTRIES seeks to create fine audiovisual art in web3 through the use of innovative technology, catchy aesthetics, and excellent memes.

1-800-Baggy Example Token

RUSTY ROLLERS, our genesis collection, combined animated cars from 2007 Google Street View with banging generative beats. OpenSea

WHO’S OUTSIDE, features 100 unique animated people with custom semi-generative text. OpenSea

BAGGY’S 99 CENT AND MORE, is a 300 piece audio-visual collection featuring your favorite mini mart necessities. Each token contains an animated 3d “niblet” and a custom sound signature, your own personal advertisement to appreciate the everyday. OpenSea

1-800-BAGGY is a 65 piece audiovisual mixtape that pairs taxicab business cards (collected in LA) with lo-fi video backgrounds and sampled audio. OpenSea

gremlin_bb is an LA-based creator who specializes in digital audio art. In web3, she creates experimental generative synthesizer music, and also makes pop music under the name Boule Goes Boing.

bb__guapo is an LA-based painter who also specializes in video and animation. He conceived the idea for the Rusty Rollers from cataloging different vehicles on Google Street View and much of his painting is inspired by the lo-fi photography seen on Street View’s 2007 mode.

xetamorph is a NYC-based web developer and digital artist. You can view their other work on their website.