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Different Rooms

4096 still lifes based off the I Ching

by @baggyindustries

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About the Project

Different Rooms is a collection of 4096 audio-visual still lifes based on the I Ching. Each token represents one of the possible results attainable from consulting the “Book of Changes,” similar to pulling a Tarot card. By depicting interiors and the objects of the people who live in them, we hold a mirror to our personal interiors and the daily dramas of everyday life that exist there.

Baggy Industries Team

gremlin_bb is an LA-based creator who specializes in digital audio art. In web3, she creates experimental generative synthesizer music, and also makes pop music under the name Boule Goes Boing.

bb__guapo is an LA-based painter who also specializes in video and animation. He conceived the aesthetic flavor of Baggy Industries by cataloging different items found on Google Street View. Much of his painting is inspired by the landscape of Los Angeles and the lo-fi photography seen on Street View’s 2007 mode.

xetamorph is a NYC-based web developer and digital artist. You can view their other work on their website.

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